Plantain Tlacoyos

Published on: 27-6-2018

A tlacoyo is an oval-shaped pre-Hispanic Mexican dish made of masa. Somewhat torpedo-shaped, they are fatter than fresh corn tortillas and stuffed with cooked ground beans, cheese, fava beans, chicharron or other ingredients and fried or toasted. Tlacoyos can be served as an accompaniment to soups and stews or as appetizers for celebrations.


2Ripe plantains
1/2CupRefried beans
2CupsNixtamalized corn flour
1/2CupWhole wheat flour
Creme fraiche
Añejo or feta cheese
Salsa campechana


  1. Cut the plantains in three large pieces. Do not peel them. Boil them with enough water until soft.

  2. Peel and mash the plantains. Add enough corn flour to make a soft dough. The final amount of flour varies depending on the size of the bananas and how ripe they are.

  3. Make balls of dough about the size of a golf ball. Press each ball with your thumb and add a tablespoon of refried beans. Very slowly seal them so the beans don't spill out.

  4. Flatten the balls into quarter inch oval patties and cook them on a pan over medium-low heat until cooked on both sides. When they are almost cooked add a teaspoon of lard to the pan turn them on both sides.

  5. Serve with cream fraiche, añejo cheese and salsa campechana on top.